Friday, August 4, 2023
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Learning how to juggle is easy and in just a few hours, you could learn how to juggle three balls.


  • Relax, Loosen up!
  • Stand with your legs shoulder width apart
  • Bend your knees slightly

Step 1:

Throw one ball up, so it arches nicely about eye level. Throw with your arm, not with your wrist. Catch the ball like you are catching an egg, gently. Feel the ball carry the movement down and slowly bring it back up.

Step 2:

Grab the 2nd ball. Throw each ball the same way you threw the first. When it’s almost to your hand, throw the second one up. Do this for some time to get used to the movement and pattern.

Once you get the timing down, it’s time to get serious.

Step 3:

Add the 3rd ball. Start with 2 balls in one hand, and 1 in the other. With the hand with two balls, toss one up into the same arc you’re used to. When that one gets close to the other hand, toss that ball up into that consistent arch. Once that one gets close to the first hand, toss the last ball up. Try to toss them with the same arc, speed, and height. Watch the arc, and not your hands.

View my instructions below:

Learn How To Juggle For Beginners

That’s it! Practice!

PRACTICE MORE! You’ll drop them a lot, for sure, but you’ll get it eventually!

I did. And if it helps, get some beanbag balls… And preferably different colors, so it’s easier to keep track of them.

That way the balls won’t roll much when you drop them. Or, get yourself some juggling scarves (#ad). Those are fun to learn with. 🙂 And before long, you’ll be juggling fire and axes. FUN STUFF!

Also, Watch the Video below:

Howler Monkey
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