Tuesday, March 14, 2023
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The Dad Joke Bottle Opener

HA! Father's beware... You have competition. Friendly competition that is, for this product, new on Amazon, is a Father's Day dream gift. A funny gag, but still, practical, useful, and full of Dad jokes.

The Funniest Adult Costumes

It's not Halloween, but I wish it was. Because Amazon has got a ton of new adult costumes for your hilarious experience. From Deer in the Headlights, to Sumo Wrestlers, Bubble Wrap, Green Screen, Big Foot, Crazy Cat Lady and more...

Weirdest Things Caught on Security Cameras

Batter up your eyeballs, because it's the crazy, bizarre, insane world of Youtube, and the weirdest things caught on security cameras. From delivery, to drivers, deer and drinks...

Dissolving Swim Trunks for Men

HA! You’ve heard about these, and probably seen a ton of TikTok videos about these, but did you know that they sell a ton of different varieties of dissolving swim trunks for men? Fun colors, fun sayings, all do the same thing: fall apart underwater when wearing them.

Poo Joke

Joke Joke Joke... A boy asked his dad where poo comes from. The father sat back, sighed, and gave him a very long and detailed...

1000 Piece Puzzle 101 Dogs Pooping!

Ha ha ha! Love this 1000 piece puzzle... Pooping Dogs! What a crazy stinking gift. It's a real puzzle, 1,000 pieces, of nothing but dogs, puppies, of all shapes and sizes, taking a dump...

Dance Farts YouTube Videos

If you don't know who Humor Bagel is yet, why not? He's one of the funniest YouTubers there is when it comes to farts and creating the best reactions. From dancing, to fanning, to bending over and even farting on dogs...

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts

It's Valentine's Day. So bring on the hugs and kisses. Or, if you're like me, it's VD Day! HA! If your sense of humor is skewed, and you'd rather give a fart then flowers, feast your eyes on these fun, cheesy, cute items, specifically made for the one you love. Make today special, and laugh, and smile, but all the while give a great big gift, even if it's a prank.


Oh they did her wrong… But it’s so funny. This dog toy on Amazon, HA! It’s a Nancy Pelosi Dog Toy that totally rips every gut wrenching laugh from you. Featuring a freaky Nancy, 12″ long, with a squeaker, of course. Or was that speaker???


Joke Joke Joke... So, these two engineers are trying to determine the height of a flagpole... ...A blonde woman wearing a tool belt and hardhat comes...


I've seen a lot of pranks... but not a lot of prank mail. In fact, on Amazon, there are only a couple of companies that send mail gags. But now, everything has changed. I found a company called Design Doggie that's nothing but a anonymous prank practical joke site. I stumbled across them on Etsy first, which led me to their own website, and the hijinks they sell are insane.


Oh this video kills me. Seriously! I can't stop laughing. It's 2 guys in a car, feeding camels, and the one dude freaks out. He sounds like Curly from the 3 Stooges! It's the funniest thing you'll see today. Guaranteed! Watch, and LAUGH!

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