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Well, it depends on who you ask. One place says:

100% Beeswax candles in a poured form will burn the longest due to the hardness of the wax and the high temperature needed to melt the wax (The usual burn temperature is around 149°F/65°C). Rolled beeswax candles are rolls of thinner wax so will generally burn faster than the poured kind.

Approximate Burn Temperature in Fahrenheit

  • Beeswax usual burn temperature 149°F/65°C
  • Soy wax usual burn temperature 130°F/54°C
  • Paraffin usual burn temperature 99°F/37°C

Other sources say:

Soy wax is generally considered to have the longest burn time, however each year new improved candle wax formations are being created using new ingredients that allow for even slower burning candles.

The length of time your candle burns for is greatly effected by things like where you burn the candle, the temperature of the room, the fragrance oils, wick and container the candle uses among many other factors making it hard to say exactly how long your candle will last. All the burn times on this website are approximations and only meant as a guide.

It really depends on the candle itself.

Everything must be taken into consideration. Like…

  • Wax blend: Mixing different grades of wax as well as different wax types together will greatly change the burn rate.
  • Adulteration: Adding foreign substances like colors and perfumes will affect the candles performance.
  • Not caring for your candles: quick burns or leaving them in the wrong temperature room can affect their longevity.

Some sources say Palm Wax is the best:

All in all…

A candle’s burn rate, which refers to the length of time a lighted candle lasts, primarily depends on the quality of the wax and wick used. Candle waxes undergo special processing methods to optimize the candle’s burn rate. For example, waxes may be refined or purified, mixed with other wax types, and hardened with additives. No matter how long a candle is made to last, environmental factors and improper usage can snuff out the life of a candle faster than its typical burn time. These factors include exposure to draft and heat, neglect in trimming the wick, leaving the candle burning longer than necessary, and other careless or wasteful practices.

And what about Yankee Candles?

Classic Jar Candles Burn Time:

  • Large Classic Jar Candles – 110-150 hours
  • Medium Classic Jar Candles – 65-75 hours
  • Small Classic Jar Candles – 20-30 hours

Tumbler Candles Burn Time:

  • Large 2-Wick Tumbler Candles – 75 to 110 hours
  • Medium 2-Wick Tumbler Candles – 40-50 hours. Includes Medium Layered Tumbler Candles
  • Small Tumbler Candles – Up to 30 hours
  • 3-wick Tumbler Candles 30 to 50 hours

Pillars Burn Time:

  • Large Perfect Pillar™ Candle – 125-165 hours
  • Medium Perfect Pillar™ Candle – 80-110 hours
  • Small Perfect Pillar™ Candle – 45 hours

Samplers Votive Candles Burn Time:

  • up to 15 hours

Scenterpiece Easy MeltCups Candles Burn Time:

  • up to 24 hours

Scented Tea Lights Candles Burn Time:

  • 4 to 6 hours each

Tarts Wax Potpourri Candles Burn Time:

  • about 8 hours of fragrancing each

So to sum it up, it really depends on the size, length, fragrance, container, and wick. WHEW!

Now, what about burning a candle at both ends?

Read more about Yankee candles here.

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