Friday, August 4, 2023
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It’s a weird thing, but it’s true. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you can’t look at both eyes at the same time. You can only look at one. The same is true when you’re talking to someone, you stare at only one eye at a time (or you stare at their mouth).

That’s the way our vision works!

You can only focus on one thing at a time with depth perception. This also changes if you’re closer or farther away from your target. The focal spot will be clear and sharp, but the areas around it blurry.

Granted, you can observe both eyes if you tried… But it can result in double vision; a copy of the same image.

We all have one line of vision. Our eyes are synced. They see the same thing, at slightly different angles, and merge them together to form one single picture.

It’s exactly how those magic eye 3D posters work. Your focal point changes. You don’t focus on the image itself, but through it. Into it. To see things like pictures or words… Like so:

To see these 3D items, we have to focus as though the flatness, like we are looking through the image into the distance (the wall behind it). You will slowly see the image shift, and a new 3D image will show. And as in the image above, you can actually see a dolphin. Try it.

What’s even more interesting is the shifted reality…

If you stare at your face in the mirror for a good minute or so, your face will actually shift, change, or distort. Distort into something odd and bizarre, almost like a monster. It’s an illusion that is triggered and deforms your own face, or even replaces it with someone else’s; like a deceased persons. How crazy is that?

This is because we get tired of seeing the same thing, our eyes get lazy, lax, and our vision dissolves.

So does it matter which eye you stare at in the mirror?

No. Because either way, we can only see one, or the other. Or dearly departed Bloody Mary. YIKES!

Howler Monkey
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