Saturday, August 5, 2023
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Don’t cry me a river… Stiffle it with these little tricks.

11 different ways to stop the tears, and cut onions like a pro (tips are gathered from all over the web).

  1. Wear goggles; your eyes will be insulated from the sting, which can spread wherever it wants. Who cares if you look silly?
  2. Rinse the onion under cold water; smells are more difficult to spread in cold. Some people chop onions directly under cold water.
  3. Cut the onion in half, then dip it briefly in salt water or lemon water.
  4. Open your windows; create an air flow. An alternative is to place it under the range hood when peeling.
  5. Place a piece of bread on the tip of your knife!
  6. Wedge a match between your teeth; the red tip outside your mouth, and change it every 30 seconds.
  7. Rub the blade of your knife with lemon juice or bread.
  8. Place your onions in the refrigerator 15 minutes before peeling.
  9. Chew parsley; when you peel the onions you’ll disable the sulfates which will make you cry less.
  10. Or, just buy frozen onions (already peeled).


Pick up a stainless steel soap bar (#ad). It removes unwanted smells, like onions or fish odor from your hands. Use it like a bar of soap, rub it on your hands, soak your hands in water. You’ll remove onions forever!

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