Friday, August 4, 2023
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Crazy enough, but there is an actual real life Ken Doll… Well, to be honest, there are many of them.

Like, Justin Jedlica (who had over 700 surgeries) and Celso Santebanes (now diseased) shown below:


But the most famous is this guy:


His name is Rodrigo Alves, and he’s had over 100 cosmetic procedures, $646,000.00, liposuction, gel fillers across the shoulders, triceps, and biceps, facelifts, and 11 rhinoplasties to become the Human Ken Doll.

See the before and after shot below:


But what’s even more insane than becoming Ken…

Is becoming Barbie!

He’s now come out and transformed into her. Take a peek:



So, do you have any dreams of becoming plastic?

If so, get some dolls, and head to the surgeon.

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