Thursday, August 3, 2023
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We’re talking real fangs, as in implants, not plastic vampire fangs (#ad) that you pop into your mouth at Halloween.

These implants are permanent fangs put in by a real dentist.

And the people getting it done, don’t do it to be cool. No. It’s actually done by real vampires. That, or someone who’s really into body modification, for the process is excruciating. The serious at heart. Plus, it’s super expensive.

Keep in mind, implants are done for appearances only. They aren’t strong enough to actually pierce someone’s neck. It’s look, but not touch. Not touch the necky.

Types of Teeth:

There is a wide assortment of fangs you can choose. The most common fang is a slip on. They slide over your canines and you can take them out whenever you want.

They also make ready-made fangs, cast from dental acrylics, which are adjusted and are fitted with a drill.

As you can imagine, the more permanent types of implants needs to be done by a cosmetic dentist (not no regular dentist).

This procedure is similar to getting a cap. Your tooth of choice is filed down so the cap will fit over it. And once they’re on, they’re on for good.

Tooth Sizes:

Fangs are available at a variety of lengths. The smaller they are the better, as they won’t interfere with your speech or eating.

Cost varies greatly. And dental insurance won’t cover vampire fangs because they’re classified as “cosmetic”. So any points, will be coming out of your own wallet.

Want a Real Live Example:

Hungarian Balázs Lázár has this procedure done. He got his fangs in Germany. He claims he loves them, as they drive women crazy. He’s had many bite requests! He does say that men on the other hand, keep their distance. HA!

He also made a comment about having to relearn speech… Although he has no regrets.

To get this procedure done, call a cosmetic dentist… Your family dentist just won’t cut it!

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