Saturday, August 5, 2023
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Home Food The BEST Non-Stick, really NON-Stick Cooking Pans you can Buy! - Review

The BEST Non-Stick, really NON-Stick Cooking Pans you can Buy! – Review


Those are really my pans in my drawer, and I LOVE THEM!

I have gone through many brands of pans in my lifetime, and it’s always bugged me that they say “non-stick”, but still, food sticks. Like every morning I cook myself eggs for breakfast. And they always stick. No matter if I spray the pan or not. It ticks me off…

I then bought those copper pans, because everyone said they were the best on the market.

My eggs still stuck and that copper (non-stick), and the layers wore off.

Then last year, I was at my friends house and she was cooking hamburger for tacos (I know)… And I inquired about the pan she used. She said it was All-Clad, and nothing sticks to it. She swore by it. Said it just wipes clean.

Really? Really!

That night, I ordered my first large pan from Amazon.

I got it days later, washed it, and the very next morning I made eggs…

And guess what? They didn’t stick. Really. Truly. They literally slid out of the pan onto the plate. I was blown away.

I learned a very valuable lesson that day… All those so called “non-stick” pans, were just saying that to sell their cheap products.

All-Clad on the other hand, was expensive, but I was so impressed by it, and so excited to finally find a pan that actually worked, that I through out all of my old pans. All of them. And invested in a totally new set of All-Clad cookware.

Everything I own now is All-Clad, and I couldn’t be happier. They have small pans, large pans, pots, saute pans, stockpots… And this stuff is HEAVY. Mega heavy. The pans are solid, well made, and worth every penny.

All-Clad cooking pan set review

I am not making this up either. These pans are the only pans I’ll ever own. They wipe clean, wash easy, cook great, and come in perfect sets of high-quality cooking consistency.

If you like to chef, and hate to stick… Then try All-Clad. You will never use anything else. I guarantee it.

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