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According to IMDB, approximately: 130

Including his past kills, and the growth of his slide collection between seasons, Dexter has killed (at the very least) 100 people: around 55 of these have been on-screen kills (including flashbacks). In S5E1 he claims to have killed 67 deserving people, though if the 12 inbetween S3 and S4 is taken into account (portrayed in the Turned Upside Down promo), this should actually be around 88 at the start of season 5.

In S2E8 Dexter’s slide box is revealed to have 46 slides in it. Taking into consideration all the on-screen slide kills from S1E1 (including flashbacks) till then, there are 32 slides unaccounted for (though at least 18 are identified during the BHB investigation). It is established that Dexter has killed before he began to take trophies (First Nurse, Juan Rinez,), which brings Dexter’s potential pre-series kill total to 36 (this includes Early Cuts characters Peter Thorton and Robert Milson). So, 130ish…

You want a break down?

Here we go… Victim – Death

  1. Mike Donovan – Power Saw
  2. Jamie Jaworski – Meat Cleaver
  3. Matt Chambers – Knife to the Heart
  4. Nurse Mary – Knife to the Heart
  5. Jorge Castillo – Knife
  6. Valerie Castillo – Knife to Carotid Artery
  7. Alex Timmons – Unknown
  8. Gene Marshall – Unknown
  9. Cindy Landon – Unknown
  10. Dr. Emmett Meridian – Power Saw
  11. Brian Moser (The Ice Truck Killer) – Slit Throat
  12. Little Chino – Knife to the Heart
  13. 18 Previously Unmentioned Victims Uncovered as BHB Victims
  14. Roger Hicks – Knife to the Heart
  15. Ken Olsen – Beheaded with a Cleaver
  16. Santos Jiminez – Chainsaw
  17. More Unmentioned Blood Slide Victims
  18. Jose Garza – Hand Saw
  19. Juan Rinez – Unknown
  20. Esteban Famosa – Snapped his Neck
  21. Teo Famosa – Shot
  22. Lila West – Knife to the Heart
  23. Unnamed Carnival Attendant – Meat Cleaver
  24. Oscar Prado – Knife to the Heart
  25. New Slide Box with 4 More Slides
  26. Fred “Freebo” Bowman – Knife to the Neck
  27. Nathan Marten – Strangled
  28. Ethan Turner – Knife to the Heart
  29. Clemson Galt – Knife to the Heart
  30. Camilla Figg – Poisoned Keylime Pie
  31. Miguel Prado – Garotted
  32. George Washington King (The Skinner) – Broke Neck
  33. Benito Gomez – Knife to the Heart
  34. 12 More Unmentioned Victims in Slide Box
  35. Zoey Kruger – Knife to the Heart
  36. Jonathan Farrow – Decapitated with Cleaver
  37. Stan Beaudry – Throat Ravaged with Power Saw
  38. Arthur Mitchell – Bludgeoned with Hammer
  39. Rankin – Beaten to Death
  40. Boyd Fowler – Stabbed in Heart
  41. Dan Mendell – Neck Snapped
  42. Lance Robinson – Strangled
  43. Cole Harmon – Stabbed in Heart
  44. Alex Tilden – Stabbed
  45. Stan Liddy – Stabbed in Heart
  46. Ben – Killed with Defibrillator
  47. Roger – Killed with Defibrillator
  48. Joe Walker – Hit in Head with Hammer and Stabbed in Chest
  49. 12 More Unmentioned Slides in Box
  50. Julio Benes – Throat Slit
  51. Walter Kenney – Suffocated with Pillow
  52. Nick – Drowned
  53. Norm – Stabbed with Pitch Fork
  54. Steve Dorsey – Stabbed in Stomach
  55. Beth Dorsey – Trapped by Gas Bomb
  56. Alberto – Stabbed with Harpoon
  57. Travis Marshal – Stabbed in Chest
  58. Viktor Baskov – Bludgeoned with Fire Extinguisher
  59. Ray Speltzer – Stabbed with a Stake
  60. Unknown Hitman – Throat Slit
  61. Oleg Mickic – Stabbed in the Back
  62. Clint Mckay – Stabbed in the Chest and Thrown Overboard
  63. Hector Estrada – Stabbed in the Heart and Shot
  64. Unknown – Power Tool
  65. Andrew Briggs – Stabbed in Chest
  66. Ron Galuzzo – Stabbed in Chest
  67. A.J. Yates – Impaled with Curtain Pole through Bed
  68. Oliver Saxon – Stabbed in Throat with a Pen
  69. And sadly, Debra Morgan – Turned off Life Support

See IMDB here.

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