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Home Gadgets 36 GREAT GIFTS UNDER $30


Looking for some great gift ideas this year? How about some wonderful ideas, and items, cool gadgets, and crazy products that are practical and unique, perfect for all of your family and friends, and all of these gifts are under $30 (#ad). Things that are whimsical, interesting, creative, and fun. From the kitchen to the den, to the garage and the great outdoors, it’s 36 wonderful presents that will make this gift giving great.

Do note that these are affiliate links and I do make a small share of the sale. Enjoy!

This Digital Backlight Easy To Read Meat Thermometer that’s Waterproof, Magnetic and Folds

Digital Backlight Meat Thermometer

Tired of overcooking or undercooking your meats and food or waiting for your outdated thermometer to finally get a reading? That frustration can be no more with this perfect thermometer (#ad).

Great for the BBQ, oven, smoker, candy, meat, food, liquid, or milk, it’s pre-calibrated so you don’t have to worry about set up before use. Just turn it on and go! Waterproof, easy to clean, backlit LCD screen, auto-OFF, food grade stainless steel probe, and runs on just one CR2032 button cell.

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Unclutter your Desk with this Fast Wireless Smartphone Charger

Fast Wireless Smartphone Charger

It’s a smartphone (Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel) charger that everyone will use and love. Simple, elegant, and easy to use phone charger (#ad) that you simply plug it into any USB port. Lay your phone down on the pad to charge it. It charges quickly, through the case, and works beautifully and conveniently.

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This Ultralight Folding Camping Chair with Legs Stabilizers

Ultralight Folding Camping Chair with Legs Stabilizers

Light as a wing, this folding camp chair (#ad) is only 2.3lbs. You can easily take it to anywhere with carry bag, especially suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, fishing, beach, sporting events, as well as indoor use. High quality detachable anti-slip big foot to increase foot area so it will not sink in sand or soft ground., super stable and safe to use, and will not damage the bottom of the tent. Load capacity up to 265 lbs, waterproof, no rust, corrosion resistant, engineering grade 900D oxford seat fabric with double reinforced V stitch is durable, flexible and machine washable for ease of care, enough for all your outdoor needs.

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This Mini Drone for Kids or Beginners

Mini Drone for Kids or Beginners

It’s a mini drone that’s ideal for beginners. Fun, colorful, and powerful, this drone (#ad) is a portable Throw’n Go RC quadcopter with 3 batteries. Easily circle fly and 3D flip, with speed adjustments and altitude holds. Makes a great gift/toy for girls and boys.

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These Thick Insulated Full Blackout Curtains

Thick Insulated Full Blackout Curtains

The best blackout curtains (#ad) on the market. Sew in black liner backing makes the drapes thick enough to completely keep out the 100% SUNLIGHT and UV RAY. The greatest benefit is to offer you a real dark environment, bringing you a good night’s sleep during the day.

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This Fun Kids Pop Up Play Tent with Camping Gear

This Fun Kids Pop Up Play Tent with Camping Gear

This pop up play set (#ad) contains 18 necessaries that little campers or hikers need to set up camp adventure; battery powered pretend gas stove and oil lamp, binoculars, utility knife, multifunctional whistle, cooking pan, plates, shovel, pop up tent; a perfect way to make your kid love nature and explore it.

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These Essential Oil Diffusers with Himalayan Salt

Essential Oil Diffusers with Himalayan Salt

Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser (#ad), Himalayan salt lamp, cool mist humidifier, night lights are integrated to a smart humidifier. The aromatherapy diffuser fills your space with a lovely fragrance, portable for home, yoga, office, spa, bedroom, baby room. Perfect gift for family and friends who love aromatherapy.

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This Automatic Bubble Blower Machine

Automatic Bubble Blower

This bubble blower (#ad) is portable and easy to use: equipped with a detachable handle and lightweight design, it’s convenient for any bubble occasion you desire. Slow and fast levels of speeds, it makes thousands of bubbles per minute. Ideal for your festivals and birthday parties, stages, weddings, barbecue, ball, etc.

Automatic Bubble Blower Machine

Cute and robot shaped, it’s a fun bubble machine (#ad) that make your kids’ games a lot more enjoyable and unforgettable. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

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This Back Brace Posture Corrector for Women and Men

Back Brace Posture Corrector for Women and Men

This shoulder posture brace or clavicle brace will help you to have a straight back and healthy look again. Back brace posture corrector (#ad) will let you look confident. Device supports and helps hunched back or kyphosis in the thoracic and cervical upper back cause by sitting at desk with poor posture. Great natural posture is crucial for aligning lumbar lower back to help relieve pain and symptoms such as sciatica, lordosis, and scoliosis.

Back Brace Posture Corrector

This backbrace (#ad) is made with high-quality materials that are both comfortable and breathable. You can wear this at work, at home, or doing casual activities under the clothes.

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This LED Nail Lamp for Faster Nail Polish Drying

LED Nail Lamp for Faster Nail Polish Drying

It’s a LED lamp nail polish dryer (#ad) that’s a MUST HAVE. The higher the power of the nail lamp, the faster the nails dry. And the power of this lamp is higher than most nail lamps on the market; professional UV light for gel nails can shorten your curing time, easy work for extra hard gel, and high efficient curing your nails.

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This Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator Air Pump

Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator Air Pump

This tire air compressor (#ad) can really get you out of a bind. It’s easy to carry, transport, and use. Just plug this auto tire inflator into the 12V power outlet in your car and attach the hose to the tire you want to inflate. The digital tire pressure gauge backlit LCD screen with 4 units adjustment (bar, Kpa, psi, Kg/cm²) preset your desired pressure value and press the power switch button and wait for it to inflate. It will automatically turn off when reaching the pressure value you want.

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This Magnetic Sculpture Building Blocks Pen

Magnetic Sculpture Building Blocks Pen

This is fun, and perfect sculpture building pen (#ad) for people that fidget, or have ADHD or Autism. It’s a stress relieving pen, that you can assemble into tons of different patterns and shapes. The building blocks are magnetic and endless… A great way to pass the time.

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This Hands Free Portable Neck Fan

Hands Free Portable Neck Fan

Feeling hot? You want to go outside but you can’t. You’re stuck inside and your hands are full. So this portable neck fan (#ad) is practical and fun. Stay cool with this wearable fan that hangs around your neck so you can take it everywhere. Say goodbye to hot flashes, sweating, and flushing. It’s a personal cooling unit, for camping, outdoor events, such as soccer and baseball, camping, climbing, fishing, golf, festival, makeup, etc. Get yours today.

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This Silicone Utensil Rest with Drip Pad

Silicone Utensil Rest with Drip Pad

This utensil holder and drip pad (#ad) is an essential cooking tool for any home chef. The spoon rest has simple lines and a beautiful design that will keep your countertops splatter-free. Modern shape, sized to accommodate even your largest cooking and serving tools. Keeps your countertops clean and your utensils close at hand while cooking or baking. This BPA-free utensil rest holds up to 4 spoons or spatulas and the base is designed to contain any drips.

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This 12″ Phone Screen Amplifier

12 inch Phone Screen Amplifier

This 12″ HD smartphone screen amplifier (#ad) enlarges the screen of the mobile phone and has the function of preventing blue light, thereby reducing eye fatigue and injury caused by the screen being too small and the screen emitting blue light. The screen magnifier storages by rotating and folding into the unit. With adjustable heights, lightweight and compact, it’s easy, convenient, and perfect for watching movies or gaming.

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This Alcohol Tester Keychain Pocket Breathalyzer

Alcohol Tester Keychain Pocket Breathalyzer

One button operation means you simply power on the keychain breathalyzer (#ad) and begin testing in seconds. It’s that easy! Delivers reliable, accurate BAC results you can trust. Easily fits in a pocket or purse or keychain, making it a great portable breathalyzer for any occasion.

Alcohol Tester Pocket Portable Breathalyzer

The innovative fold-out mouthpiece ensures only your breath goes into the alcohol tester (#ad), while other airborne pollutants are kept out.

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The Ultimate Wood Phone Docking Station for Organizing Keys, Wallets, and Watches

Ultimate Wood Phone Docking Station for Organizing Keys Wallets and Watches

This phone docking wood organizer (#ad) holds everything!!! Handmade bamboo organizer with smooth surfaces holds and protects your phone, smart watch, pens, leather wallets, earrings, rings, keychains and sunglasses all at the same time. What a great gift!

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This Portable Solar Powered Smart Phone Battery Charger Battery Pack

Portable Solar Powered Smart Phone Battery Charger Battery Pack

Dual USB output charging ports charge fast: allows you to charge 2 digital devices simultaneously, also, it charges your phone very fast with the 2.1 usb port. Charge the unit by USB cable, or put the charger in direct sunlight to charge. This solar powered smart device charger (#ad) is a great choice for camping trips or other outdoor activities where outlets are scarce.

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This Herb Scissor Set that’s a Cool Kitchen Gadget

Herb Scissor Set thats a Cool Kitchen Gadget

This crazy kitchen gizmo (#ad) has 5 high quality herb cutting scissors with stainless steel blades. Increase your productivity by four times. Quickly and directly cut herbs on pizza, salad, casserole and soup. Cuts onion, coriander, parsley, rosemary, leek , celery and other similar herbs. Convenient to use in the kitchen, on the table and even a cookout. No more cleaning knife and cutting boards. Each herb length is uniform and similar, so every food you make looks perfect.

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These LED Flashlight Gloves

LED Flashlight Gloves

These LED fingerless gloves (#ad) are made of breathable and flexible cotton which is skin-friendly for any working season and very lightweight to carry it to any places. One size fits all, ideal for fishermen, gadget lovers, network engineers, plumbers, maintenance workers, great for camping, cycling, repairing, power outages and other activities where light is needed.

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This Geeky Men’s Binary Square Blue LED Digital Waterproof Watch

Geeky Mens Binary Square Blue LED Digital Waterproof Watch

SWEET! It’s a Binary Watch (#ad) that any geek would love. Creative binary time mode display, double open stainless steel buckles, convenient, solid, great gifts for men, fathers, boyfriends, husbands. Built-in bright LED for dark or low-light environments. Precise Quarts movement and high-quality electronic components. Japanese-quartz movement.

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This Fun High Powered Monocular Telescope

Fun High Powered Monocular Telescope

This is awesome! It’s a Monocular Telescope (#ad) that’s a great gadget, cool looking, and fun to use. With 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens, you can see 10x closer with a clearer and brighter image, and enjoy the beauty of the distance, with an stunning viewing experience. 18mm large eyepiece, big field of view, lets you feel comfortable when viewing. Stable, bright, with high color reduction lets you see the world as it really exitsts.

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This Panda Coin Stealing Money Piggy Bank

Panda Coin Stealing Money Piggy Bank

Okay, who wouldn’t love this Panda coin stealing piggy bank (#ad)? Talk about cute! The panda automatically steals coins when you push the button. Easy to open, takes batteries, large internal space for coins. Get one today.

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This Versatile Kitchen Gadget Set, Spatula, that Cuts, Stripes, Measures, Separates, Mashes, Flips, Strains and Serves

Versatile Kitchen Gadget Set

This Kitchen Gadget (#ad) does it all; Cuts, Stripes, Measures, Separates, Mashes, Flips, Strains and Serves. 8 in 1 versatile cooking utensil set is your great helper to handle multiple cooking tasks efficiently. Multi kitchen tool set is perfect for small kitchen and people who wants to keep life simple.

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This Spiral Ear Wax Removal Tool Kit

This Spiral Ear Wax Removal Tool Kit

Growing potatoes? Well, you may just need a ear wax remover tool (#ad). This ear cleaner tool kit has 4 different shaped heads for easy ear wax clearance in all directions. Exclusive wax-extraction turbofan structure with more complete cleaning than other ear care tools. It has 2 layers, 12 contact surfaces with a special slant to collect earwax. The movement track like a turbofan can collect all the earwax along the way. Give your ears the 360 degree rotating ear dig without residue, fully massaging ear canal (to die for), great cleaning for Women, Men, or Kids.

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These Sleep Headphones, 3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth, Wireless Music Eye Mask

Sleep Headphones 3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth Wireless Music Eye Mask

WOW! I need these. It’s a bluetooth sleep eye mask headphone gadget (#ad) that’s a must for falling asleep peacefully, and in tune. It’s a comfortable mask, with deep eye contours, ergonomic, and perfect for your face. The High-fidelity stereo sound benefits from Bluetooth V-5.0 technology produce great sound quality which provide a well-closed and immersed environment for your ears; lose yourself in the music.

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This Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker

Indoor Electric Stainless Steel Smores Maker

Outdoor fun brought indoors: Bring s’more fun indoors and roast marshmallows to perfection over the tabletop electric flameless heater. Forget the hassle of cutting wood and open flames, this unit is built with safety in mind; the electric flameless heater (#ad) requires nothing but an electrical outlet to start making perfect golden brown s’mores. Includes 2 stainless steel roasting forks to make s’mores with friends and keep hands a safe distance from the heater.

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This Fun Avocado Tree Growing Kit

Fun Avocado Tree Growing Kit

Everyone needs a acocado growing kit (#ad). Grow your own avacados from home, with this fun gift that’s keeps on giving.

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The Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat

SICK! It’s a beanie hat, that’s also a bluetooth speaker (#ad). Equipped with the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology that is universally backward/forward compatible to all the Bluetooth enabled media devices such as smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android, MP3, MP4, digital media player and more. Simply sync to any Bluetooth device in seconds.

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The Best Comfortable Unisex Running Waist Belt

Best Comfortable Unisex Running Waist Belt

What a great product. It’s a unisex running waist belt (#ad) that holds all of your running essentials; Smartphone, headphones, wallet, credit cards, money, coins, waterbottle, and flashlight. Easy to strap on with velcro, this device is ideal for running, workouts, cycling, or travelling.

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This LED Illusion Horse Night Light

LED Illusion Horse Night Light

I love this. It’s so perfect for kids… It’s a bright LED night light (#ad), that creates an illusion of a 3D horse. How darling. Plus, there are other 3D creations for girls and boys, like cars, vehicles, planes and lions. This is a gift they’ll never forget.

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These Electric USB Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Electric USB Rechargeable Hand Warmers

What a perfect gift for the person with cold hands. It’s hand warmers, that are electronic and rechargeable (#ad). This electric hand warmer rapidly warms up double sides in seconds once you press the switch. 3 levels of adjustable temperature heating 104°F/122°F/140°F at your choice. In dark night, potable hand warmer can change into a flash light to light up your way. You also can turn on vibrant massage function to relieve the tiredness and pain of all day. Perfect for hiking, camping, fishing and outdoors. A must have!

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This 3X Large Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier

3X Large Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier

This led magnifier (#ad) is equipped with 12 SMD led lights which are covered by anti-glare reflector, therefore, lighting will be directed to an designated area without glare to your eyes, and provide evenly lit viewing area. The crystal clear, anti-glare lens is optical grade magnifying with a large viewing area, so your hands don’t have to move all the time; measures 4.5″x 7″ and magnifies up to 300%.

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The Strongest and Heaviest Duty Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Strongest and Heaviest Duty Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Don’t waste your hard earned money on other old and weak designs. This all new improved spiralizer (#ad) is guaranteed to be stronger than any of the others on the market. You get a complete spiralizing bundle with 5 interchangeable blades, extra blade caddy for safe blade storage, printed color user manual, easy online quick-start guide with demo videos, and 4 exclusive books with delicious recipes you can make today! Carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, beets.. no problem! Start spiraling today.

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Lady’s Cute Cat Socks

Ladys Cute Cat Socks

MEOW! It’s cat socks (#ad) that are purr-fect for the cat lover. 80% cotton, 20% spandex, soft and highly stretchy cotton blend. A vivid cat design with the overall pots and curves of the boot, make the socks ideal, lovely and bright.

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Dog Shaming: The Official Adult Coloring Book

Dog Shaming Adult Coloring Book

This beautiful, one of a kind coloring book (#ad) features 35 creative and intricate designs with some of the funniest and most entertaining dog shaming pics ever. Coloring helps relax you, so you can let go of the stressful situations in your life. Each single-sided page includes hilarious, aggression-relieving canines and the trouble they get into.

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