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Can you really improve your memory?

Sure. The memory, or brain, can be trained just like any muscle. You train it. Exercise it. Work with efficient tactics that can help exploit your memory glands and achieve greatness… Or where you left your car keys.

Most people need to maintain information when taking tests. Students utilize techniques when taking exams or quizzes.

So how do they improve their memory?

Play tricks with your brain. Make challenges. Turn it into a game.

Great memory strategies include:

1) Focus your Attention

Study in a quiet place, without television, music, noise, or distractions.

2) Avoid Cramming

That only makes things worse. Give yourself time to study and soak in the information.

3) Structure and Organize

Group things together. Put terms together. Make outlines with your notes and books. Putting things together makes sense, and makes things click.

4) Utilize Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are aids to recall. It’s like imagery, humor, or novelty things. Make up rhymes, silly songs, or jokes to help you remember segments of info.

5) Elaborate and Rehearse

Read, rehearse. Study the definitions. Read the details. Understand what they mean and why.

6) Visualize Concepts

Pay close attention to diagrams, charts, graphics, and other images in the textbooks. Or, you can also create your own. Draw stick figures, cartoons, pictures that will help you remember.

7) Relate New Information

Try to relate new material to old material you already know. Establish a relationship.

8) Read Out Loud

Reading material out loud significantly improves​ memory. Plus, it also helps you pinpoint mistakes.

9) Pay Extra Attention to the Middle

For some reason, it’s easier to remember information at the beginning, and at the end of a chapter. Recalling the middle section though, is difficult. That’s why you must focus more, and pay more attention to the middle, where you’re likely to drift and daydream.

10) Vary your Study Routine

Change your routine. Study somewhere else. Like sitting up, at the park, in the kitchen… Try moving to a different spot just to change things up.

And above all else, get plenty of sleep!

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