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Cold showers are showering with a water temperature below 70°F. And yes, they may have many great health benefits.

Cold showers relieve stress, build strength, but can also improve your entire well-being. Here are some of the benefits:

Increased Endorphins:

Take a cold shower for about 5 minutes, a couple of times a week. This has been clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of depression.

Cold showers work like electroshock therapy. The water sends impulses to your brain. They basically jolt your system and increases alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Plus, they release endorphins, which create happiness and optimism.

It Helps Metabolism:

Fat cells are activated by cold water (or cold temperature). The cold helps fight obesity. The are the perfect aid to weight loss.

They Improve Circulation:

Cold water is invigorating, for sure. It will wake you up. The body has to work harder to maintain your core temperature. Meaning, it can make you circulatory system run more efficient.

A great perk to this, is it will make your skin look better too.

So turn the temp down, lose weight, and retain your glow.

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