It’s the UK’s Royal Mint, and it’s one of the biggest FU’s ever… How does this pass production?

It’s a brand new £2 commemorative 2021 coin to celebrate the life and works of H.G. Wells (the author of The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, and The Time Machine)…

And it’s full of ERRORS!!!

H.G. Wells fans were quick to point out several mistakes on the tribute coin, including giving the tripod FOUR legs… HA! It’s called a TRIpod for a reason. See the images below:

HG Wells The War Of The Worlds

The coin not only celebrates The War of the Worlds, but up front, you’ll see The Invisible Man is present… Or not present. And what’s funny about that is the fact that he’s wearing a top hat! He never wore a top hat, it was always a wide-brimmed hat…

The Invisible Man

The coin also features Roman numerals around the face, depicting a clock from his novel The Time Machine.


On the other side is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, to honor her 95th birthday.

The coin is cool… Bad ass. I want one…


But the errors are painful!

So the real question is, will they pull this coin from circulation?

Will they change it?

Maybe… But one thing’s for sure, a mess up like this will probably make the error coin sell better. And faster (and, there’s a limited edition of 7000 made). For we all know, mistakes like this are worth more than the mint itself.

Where can you buy this HG Wells coin?

Right now, it’s only available in 4 different coin sets…

The cheapest is a 14 coin proof set from the Royal Mint here:

Royal Mint 2021 United Kingdom Proof Coin Set

Royal Mint 2021 United Kingdom Proof Coin Set.

This set selling for £155.00 includes these coins:

  • 50th Anniversary of Decimalisation 50p Base Proof
  • John Logie Baird 50p Base Proof
  • H.G. Wells £2 Base Proof
  • Sir Walter Scott £2 Base Proof
  • The Queen’s 95th Birthday £5 Base Proof
  • Base Proof Medal
  • £2 Base Proof
  • £1 Base Proof
  • 50p Base Proof
  • 20p Base Proof
  • 10p Base Proof
  • 5p Base Proof
  • 2p Base Proof
  • 1p Base Proof

Their website states: Awaiting Stock | Shipping within 10 working days for orders to the UK. All deliveries to the EU will be shipped early January.

See this 2021 HG Wells proof set here.

The other sets that include the HG Wells coin are:

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