Yep, there’s an app for that.

Seriously. An app called “GeoPain” (not affiliated) is there to help.

The original concept started with Dr. Alexandre DaSilva while at Harvard Medical School. It has since gone through countless iterations and continues to evolve with the science of chronic pain. For nearly 6 years, top institutions like the University of Michigan continue to use it daily for research and education due to its precise measurement of pain location and intensity.

You simply look at the 3D person on the screen, and tap where it hurts. The app will not only narrow down your symptoms, but can help decide what the intensity of the pain signifies.

This app could practically save your life.

GeoPain App

It’s a clinically proven app that moves beyond the 1-10 pain scale to capture details that matter the most, including a pain location, intensity, triggers, and symptoms.

It’s the best way to track, communicate, and understand pain.

Made for both patients and doctors, this app is essential to health, and much needed fast diagnostic.

GeoPain provides a clear visual record of pain and progress that you can track daily.

Clinicians identify and document how their patient’s are responding to treatment, and if it’s appropriate.

And researchers can extract an incredible amount of data from the reports that offer a clear picture of exactly how a treatment is working.

So do yourself a favor, download the GeoPain app today.

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