Yes, you read that right. OUCH!

And while it may be hard to believe, it’s actually more common than you know. Here are 3 men, who went to the chopping board.

1) Man chops off his organ to become a Nullo:

Trent Gates, only 23, not only severed his testicles in 2016, but then removed his manhood with an ultra-sharp knife in 2017.

Double the trouble!

Plus, he only used iced water for the first chop-chop. The second one demanded some painkillers.

Asked why he did it: “It really didn’t feel like part of me. It’s along the lines of being trans, but not quite.”

2) Why I cut off my Pee-Pee:

This is even crazier…. 2014, an LA rapper; Andre Johnson, went on a rampage. He tried cutting off his junk, then jumped off a second story balcony during a party. Was it the DJ?

His friend’s called 911: “Man, we have a friend that was over here and he’s just cut his damn wiener off! Goddamn, I don’t believe this!”

Later on, in an interview, Andre stated; “I just jumped up, outta nowhere, and I went to the kitchen, I grabbed a knife and, bam, I pulled down my pants and–that quick!”

3) Man Cuts Off His Own Organ

Yes, another man, John Castellano, cut off his Johnson. This one was in Flowood (can you make that up?).

Police said John set up an alter at St. Paul Catholic Church, and then used a large knife to cut off his genetalia. He even drove himself to the hospital.

Police found the schlong at the church, and believe it or not, surgeons were able to reattached it.

Jerry Springer even had an episode about a ding-dong-ditch-em…

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